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The Way to Becoming A Unicorn

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Let's just start by saying that unicorns are awesome, and in the world of business, creating them..even more fun. Yes it is! The question is why should we not create something, well… highly valuable? Thinking big early on and taking on the responsibility of being beneficial to shareholders, stakeholders, others in the economy and environment is a worthy exercise.

Another valuable one is deciding on those valuable qualities from the very beginning.

By now you may know that at Malek Mia Management we don't just consider the value of a business the financial aspects of it, however if we begin to look at where a company wants to be very early on, we have a higher chance of creating that path.

Here we believe in raising the value of a business. When businesses understand and begin to travel that path of trajectory from the beginning, well that’s where we begin to see the unicorns, and before they become famous, they already know who they are.

We say it’s rather vital that we know who we are and where we are headed from the very start, wouldn’t you agree?

Let your business models tell the story of how you will succeed and when the market responds favorably to what your selling, they will reward you for your efforts. If you take the time and effort to build something incredible, taking a bit more time to ensure it’s a winning bet for investors cannot hurt. More importantly as either a management team, business owner, or investor, it will be something that will allow you to reap the benefits of being carefully planned out which can be done even while being lean. The beauty of this is if you have an idea of what you can achieve in the business you tend to respond to that in action.

If you pursue the avenue of becoming a Unicorn or pursue to become a Pegasus (what we consider a company valued at trillion or over) or beyond, you can succeed at it.

For large companies, tactics may include acquiring or investing in startups to grow larger. No matter what the growth plan, the best choices will always be reflective of how the plan looks.The better the trajectory in the beginning, the more attractive the offer will be.Whether it’s for the company looking to grow large, or the large company looking to become vested in a smaller one, the thorough planning process for the future of that company will be key.

The magic of the unicorn process is as the sweet twinkle of insight that gets applied to the careful and thoughtful planning processes.

As you do scan the environment take care to see what innovative methods you will deploy to keep growth constant. Taking action either to build the business future or expand on the existing one is no small feat. Let us commend you for all the work you've done at the end of this year.

Moving into the new year, review you plans, and make your either new or existing project goals be reflected into the planning and action activities of the business, and make something magical!

Contact us for insight, we help teams grow their companies. Learn more about Malek Mia Management Strategic Planning Services and b2b sales consulting services here:


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