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Dancing To A New Rhythm For Growth

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Let us discuss the essentials for establishing a strategic and innovative rhythm in an organization. I use the term rhythm not only because I have an affinity for music but because new actions must be embedded into our minds sort of the way music is. Our brains are so attracted to patterns. You want to override some of the old existing patterns to create new ones. When you and the organization begin to feel natural about carrying out these new activities there are huge gains expected down the road.

For one you will increase your ability for sustainability and this is quite important regardless of your exit plans. By taking the time not only to formulate a combined plan, but to create a rhythm of this activity which encompasses carrying out performance based on your master list of goals and objectives, you are optimizing your long term strategy as well. Be sure that your objectives are specifically ties to profitability, growth and ROI, by doing so you set a rhythm based on a pattern of success.

One approach to creating a good strategic and innovative rhythm is to ensure that your overall activities include a flow of processes that are built into your company. Mainly you do this so you don't have to work hard at putting these principles into practice.

Follow these steps below to create a strategic planning and innovative rhythm, that will act like a well planned dance.

Essentials for establishing a strategic and innovative rhythm in organization

1) Create a master list of activities that tied to profitability growth and Roi ,and make these a part of the Key Performance Indicators for your company.don't forget to about the elements we discussed the week before last : (you can review that post by clicking here)

2) Create a master list of activities that are tied to innovative ideas you have ( this may take bit more thought but this list starts with either a current list of activities you already know you must do to innovate your product or service or at lat a planning list for future activities. These are simply the thoughts that come up in your imagination that are an improvement of your product or service that increase the value of it to your customers even if it may seem out of reach to you you now place it as a goal. You can even start by combining other products services to yours as a thought or the delivery of the experience as improvement ( usually customers are great at telling you how you can improve their experience or products and services, listen to them , by asking questions through, conducting survey, etc,)

3) Next you ensure to put a system in place to achieve these goals. If you want to be sure that your marketing campaigns are increasing ROI and not simply draining your budget you have to create a system or find one that allows you to test and track your results.

4) You schedule review of these goal tracking items in a rhythm that will work for you for example if you need to track your spending monthly or quarterly you schedule that along with the steps to building or creating your new creation in small increments or in large leaps depending on your readiness . If you see no sight of creating an innovative product, then you need to make small steps to ask yourself what small step can i take now to get there and keep building weekly or monthly adding activities to show improvements.

5) Then go back and forth between your innovation activities and strategic activities to ensure you are in track to growth and innovation in a set target go numbers each month increasing your ability to see result , any challenges can then be met with further questions that may help you solve your issues with moving forward.

6) Last tie in your marketing and sales strategies to your goals from your KPI is, for example you may need to bump down marketing efforts to allocate funds for a new project but planning this in line with your anticipated revenues and KPIs will help you decide on the best approach going forward.

Here at Malek Mia Management, we truly believe that optimize a path for success is based on great decisions and activities that support them. Startups and SMBs can foresee opportunities that they were once considered either unavailable or unattainable forging a new path to a dream realized ahead.

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