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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

My love for creating, strategizing, designing things big and small, complex yet simple has been evident my entire life. Through the process of my own self transformation and growth I evolved into a person who loves living out my role as a creator, visionary, artist and a dreamer, which allows me to be free to not only to be curious about possibilities to an unlimited degree, but to be free to take on all that I want to be. Entrepreneurs, and business leaders must keep evolving while loving and breathing passion into the many parts of themselves. Thus bettering, understanding and appreciating more of the fullness of themselves as a person, the people you lead and those around you that you share experiences with. As I remain open to growth and transformation I am free to explore many parts of myself, whether that be a way of thought, a talent I can develop or an abilities which can contributed some additional value.

This has lead to founding companies that bring value and delight to others. I’ve been blessed to be able to combine strategic skills I’ve gathered throughout my career and through developing each business. Each company starting off a dream, growing through strategy and serving an industry, I will be sharing about them some more, in the future. There are many outcomes that a company faces when it sets out into a world of uncertainty. A company is like a person, it has a way, it responds to, ignores or enjoys it’s customers for example. So if planned well, like a person a strategy that includes its evolution or innovation if you will, gives it a better chance for survival and success just like when we plan for growth and milestones when bringing a child into the world.

This type of planning aids organizations, even through complex challenges and or concerns that may show up along the way, and gives the blueprint navigation of what to do when a complex matter occurs. Like individuals a company can hide, pretend they don't have issues and such but the reality is, it’s a good idea to have excellent management at the helm. Malek Mia Management has been specifically created to serve the needs of businesses as they progress through different stages of growth. We specialize in assisting Startups and Small to Midsize businesses, utilizing the same concept and evolution of self, which we can see as innovation. As we forge that with strategic planning, we have formulas baked into our processes in order to assist companies in doing so in an efficient and effective way. After a time of praying and meditation it seemed like a great idea to create a company that helped companies of all sizes and stages who struggled with growth. As the saying goes, “What so ever is not growing, is dying”.

Our focus is to assist companies that desire growth across the globe including those organizations that do conscious reach and are initiating changes in communities around the world. Our aim is simple, that we grow companies well, being stewards over their businesses helping them to be inspired to shape themselves to take on the opportunity to bring their best value to their customers or clients. For the companies seeking conscious planning our simple aim there is to assist them similarly through strategic planning, innovation and a combination of our proprietary processes to create solutions and bring changes in communities that would otherwise continue to bear the burden of need.

Though it has taken a while for this company to evolve into our current model since our inception, over the past year we have redirected our model and we are happy that with this new launch we can serve a wide variety of growth seeking companies and conscious organizations.

Our mission with this blog is to share and delight with information that will help companies make better decisions about their approach to growth, and bring inspiration to those companies seeking to be their best, by bringing value and good changes to the world.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to share brief stories about your company. Tell us either about your company’s successes in growth or conscious reach or of stories that changed what you originally thought about your path to success.

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